The HitchHikerTM

System for Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)
and “People Tracking”

GPS ONESTAR, Inc. and the engineering talent of Mirus Technologies have jointly created HitchHiker, a software package that converts certain Nextel® phones into integrated voice and telematics devices. HitchHiker is supported on four models of Motorola Nextel phones, the i58sr, the i88s, the i730 and the i733.

ONESTAR is authorized to establish new Nextel accounts; new phones will arrive with HitchHiker software already installed. Existing Nextel customers with compatible phones are easily loaded with HitchHiker and ONESTAR is also authorized to extend trade-up offers for non-compatible equipment.

HitchHiker requires Total Connect 1 MB service from Nextel with a Public IP Address for each HitchHiker-provisioned phone. The monthly cost from Nextel is less than ten dollars. It is cost-effective for ONESTAR to establish even a single-phone HitchHiker account, but the scalability of the ONESTAR backend is already set to handle thousands of Nextel phones.

HitchHiker is ideal for the concerned parent with teenage drivers, the home health provider with dozens of nurses on the road, to a courier service provider with thousands of delivery personnel. Nextel phones provisioned with HitchHiker deliver almost the same feature range of the professional-grade Benefon line, at about one quarter the equipment cost. Nextel does not offer free services similar to T-Mobile, but the Nextel Direct Connect™ service is a powerful communications tool for the mobile workforce.

For additional information you may download the Hitchhiker brochure or contact us.

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