The OCS Orbcomm Communicator System
for Mobile Asset Location

The OCS provides two-way event control and automatic location reporting from anywhere in the world.

The OCS concept was developed by GPS ONESTAR for worldwide two-way event and automatic location reporting. With OCS you can command and control remote devices and employees quickly and at reasonable cost.

The OCS communicates via ORBCOMM satellite service. Data from OCS devices is securely routed to the ONESTAR backend server operations. That data, along with additional status information, is immediately available to ONESTAR customers through a powerful and secure web interface.

When available, the most recent device location is displayed on a street-level map, with complete historical information just a couple of mouse clicks away. ORBCOMM LLC is a wireless telecommunications company providing narrow band two-way digital messaging, data communications, and geopositioning services on a global basis. The company owns and operates a network consisting of 30 Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites and terrestrial gateways deployed around the world. Small, low-power, and commercially proven subscriber communicators can connect to private and public networks, including the Internet, via these satellites and gateways. Through this network, ORBCOMM delivers information to and from virtually anyplace in the world on a nearly real time basis.

The OCS is truly an install-it-and forget- it device. The internal battery with solar charging allows years of service-free performance. The ideal application is for tracking semi trailers, but other markets include containers, off-road equipment, construction equipment, boats and rail cars. The two-way capabilities of OCS also make it an excellent candidate for custom worldwide applications.

For additional information you may download the OCS brochure or contact us.

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