The StarTouchTM

Device for Worldwide Asset Location

The StarTouch system was developed by GPS ONESTAR for simple, one-way event and automatic location reporting over an extremely large international service area. StarTouch devices are internationally certified to operate on the GlobalStar satellite constellation.

Data created by StarTouch devices is instantly routed to the ONESTAR backend server operations and is immediately available to ONESTAR customers via a password-protected web site. In most cases, the most recent location is displayed on a street-level map, with complete historical information just a couple of mouse clicks away.

StarTouch devices are small (about the size of a school notebook) and completely sealed in a NEMA-type case and install with screws or industrial adhesive tape. If required, cables and connectors are available to support up to four inputs for event (switched) reporting.

The StarTouch is truly an install-it-and-forget-it device. The internal battery will last up to SEVEN years with two scheduled location reports a day! When required, battery replacement requires only a few minutes to complete. The ideal ONESTAR StarTouch application is for tracking semi trailers, but other
markets include containers, off-road equipment, construction equipment, boats, barges and rail cars.

For additional information you may download the StarTouch brochure or contact us.

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