The StarTrimTM


The StarTrim locator is the world's first affordable, fully integrated asset tagging and monitoring device suitable for any application requiring periodic autonomous position reporting and cost-effective wireless communications.

The StarTrim locator combines worldwide GSM communications with GPS location technology to provide periodic location reports. It supports target applications by automatically determining and relaying location information for automatic data capture and processing. The StarTrim locator is initially targeted at automotive markets such as vehicle security, monitoring and recovery.

The StarTrim locator is self-contained in a water-resistant housing and provides indoor and outdoor position reports. Its enhanced sensitivity mode allows it to operate in environments in which traditional GPS devices will not work.

The StarTrim locator operates for up to 90 days in a typical application that enjoys good GPS signal strength (e.g. –130 dBm) on a single set of four AA batteries. No other connection to external power supply, antenna or other devices is required. For permanent vehicle installations, it can be connected to vehicle power with an optional plug-in module. The Vehicle Adapter Module also contains a stand-by battery that allows the StarTrim locator to continue operating if vehicle power is disconnected. The StarTrim locator is about the size of a white board eraser (5.25" x 2.5" x 1") and weighs 3.6 ounces without batteries or optional modules.

It can obtain its location position ("fix") in less than 90 seconds from a cold start, but most applications will typically use warm starts, in which case, fixes will be computed in less than 38 seconds when a strong GPS signal is present. Times to first fix are somewhat longer for enhanced GPS (when faced with weaker signals, e.g. indoors). The device spends a majority of the time in a “sleep” mode. Under normal operation, it only computes and reports its location while the device is in motion. Devices that are stationary for long periods of time will wake up periodically and send a status-only (no position information) message. Position and status reports are sent as SMS text messages over a GSM network. Commands can be sent to the device to ask it to do basic things like report more frequently (e.g. every second), go back to sleep or to report or change any of its configurable parameters.

The StarTrim locator is the first in a series of innovative, multi-function products from OneStar Component Technologies division. It is part of a product family that combines the latest in location and communication technologies. The product family leverages industry standard hardware and software for easy and rapid adoption, and deeply integrates location technologies for cost savings and power conservation. Over time, OneStar and its partners will offer a variety of plug-in modules that add innovative functionality such as BlueTooth, WiFi, automotive bus and OBD II interfaces, and other positioning technologies, such as using broadcast television signals to determine location.

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