The StarWaveTM

Device for Worldwide Asset Location

The StarWave system is offered by GPS ONESTAR for complex, two-way event and automatic location reporting over the Inmarsat® satellite network. Inmarsat delivers true worldwide operation capability. Data created by StarWave devices is instantly routed to the ONESTAR backend server operations and is immediately available to ONESTAR customers via a password-protected web site. In most cases, the most recent location is displayed on a street-level map, with complete historical information just a couple of mouse clicks away. Although street level maps are not available for all cities and countries, ONESTAR will work diligently with map data sources to provide whatever the customer requires.

StarWave devices are small (about the size of a portable CD player) and completely sealed in a NEMA type case and install with screws or industrial adhesive tape. If required, cables and connectors are available to support up to four inputs for event (switched) reporting.

Technically, the StarWave is an integrated Inmarsat-D+ transceiver, GPS receiver and omni-directional antenna all enclosed in a rugged, environmentally sealed package. The StarWave's small profile allows it to be mounted on assets inconspicuously, drawing little notice from operators and would-be thieves, making it ideal for asset tracking and security applications.

The StarWave's built-in scripting language allows the unit to be configured to operate autonomously without any external controller, lowering costs and power consumption. The StarWave can be configured over the ONESTAR/Inmarsat satellite air link or locally through the RS-232 user data port.

The ideal ONESTAR StarWave application is for tracking semi trailers (with the addition of a battery pack), but other markets include containers, off-road equipment, construction equipment, boats and rail cars.

For additional information you may download the StarWave brochure or contact us.

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