The SuperStarTM

Solution for Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)
in Motor Vehicles

The SuperStar is the “workhorse” of the ONESTAR lineup, with the same basic “internal ingredients” used in the SuperStar, the WAL 101, plus variants for marine applications, motorcycles, towed equipment, off-road vehicles, as well as fixed (non-GPS) site monitoring of chemical tank levels, etc.

SuperStar devices are internationally certified to operate on the Aeris MicroBurst™ network, the most ubiquitous land-based wireless data transport system in all of North America.

SuperStar communications are all digital and packetized and provide an extremely high level of reliability and delivery speed.

All wireless links between SuperStar and the nearest tower are sent five times; three of the five must be identical, or the process is repeated. For maximum long-term resilience in the field, most programming changes are done over-the-air.

Most SuperStar installations require less than one hour, including voice contact with ONESTAR tech support to confirm correct operation. No FCC license is required of installers. Numerous antenna types are offered, including covert, semi-covert, glass mount, through-hole mount and magnet mount.

For additional information you may download the SuperStar brochure or contact us.

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