Benefon Trackbox


The Benefon Trackbox is a device designed for machine-to-machine communication. It is a fixed tracking instrument which is easy to install in boats and vehicles etc.

It is able to record and send information e.g. freight space temperature, the amount of liquid in a tank or even open doors straight to your computer. The recovery of stolen vehicles and vehicle immobilizing is easier with the help of the Benefon Trackbox.

The Benefon Trackbox tracks and secures your assets. It can be utilized in construction, car rentals, delivery and courier companies and cargo on air, on sea or on roads.

There is also a microphone on the Benefon Trackbox which allows you to listen to what is happening when e.g. your delivery is taking an unplanned route.

For additional information you may download the Trackbox brochure or contact us.

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