The WAL101TM

Solution for Towed Vehicles

In the WAL 101 configuration, the SuperStar is well-dressed to serve trailer tracking and other towed vehicle requirements.

The WAL 101 is housed in a non-metallic case designed to fit inside the front wall of semi trailers, between the structural “studs”. The case is sufficiently large to provide secure space for large-capacity batteries.

The WAL 101 has several operating modes, but will typically transmit location information once every 24 hours.

When tethered to a tractor, the batteries are charged directly from trailer power and will last approximately forty-five days in untethered state.

The power cable of the WAL 101 requires just two connections; one to the nearest metallic ground and the other to the lighting circuit. Only one hole for the antenna cables is required through the front of the trailer; the innovative WAL 101 antenna replaces the top center running light and is almost undetectable from ground-level inspection.

For additional information you may download the WAL101 brochure or contact us.

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